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10 Emails You Need to Close a Sale

You’ve written thousands of emails in your lifetime. That doesn’t necessarily mean it gets any easier, especially when you’re trying to make a sale. It’s tough to determine what to say, when to say it, and how to drive prospects towards a sale without sounding too pushy. Perhaps you even get writer’s block when you sit down to write the email.

That’s why we’re giving you a short-cut: 10 sales related email templates that you can copy, paste, and use as a starting point for the messages you send to prospects. If you’re using automation software, like Infusionsoft, you can set up many of these emails to be triggered automatically by an action like a purchase or previous email.

While you’re at it, keep these tips in mind:

  • Include a call-to-action that tells the recipient what you’d like them to do
  • Gather opt-in permission from recipients
  • Keep your emails direct and short (around one hundred words)

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Collect and Consult

Lead magnets (e-books, whitepapers, webinars, etc.) have great potential to bring in new leads, which can lead to consultations and business. Pairing those lead magnets with your CRM software can yield impressive results. A collect and consult campaign is a great fit for businesses that sell products or services using some type of scheduled appointment or consultation.

The objective is to post the lead magnet on your website along with a form people must fill out to download, and promote it on your social channels and your blog posts to give it as much buzz as you can. As your prospects download the lead magnet, you will make a follow-up offer via email for a consultation.

In this e-book, you’ll learn:

  • How a collect and consult campaign works
  • How to create your lead magnet
  • How to set up an email series
  • And more!

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Conference Playbook: Top Strategies for Connecting at Conferences

Stop wasting opportunities – and money

You paid for that conference ticket.

You spent three entire days in an auditorium full of potential connections, partners, and customers.

Yet you came home with nothing but a stack of business cards and “follow up” added to your to-do list.

What a waste!

Here’s some good news that’ll cheer you up, though:

With the right networking strategy going in, you can make powerful connections and grow your business lightning fast at conferences.

Entrepreneurial coaches Amy and Tom Birks have put together a comprehensive playbook that shows you exactly how to do it—step by step.

You’ll learn:

  • A 3-step strategy for rapid business-building
  • Master-level networking tips that make you the most valuable person in the room
  • How to automate your follow-up for the best relationship results

The Conference Playbook also includes handy worksheets and checklists to help you get the most out of your conference experience.

Don’t waste any more money or time on conferences with disappointing returns.

Download this playbook and maximize the networking opportunities at every conference you attend.

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Free guide: Email Marketing for the Rest of Us

Ready to master email marketing? 22 new tactics you can master today

Successful email campaigns are the foundation of a healthy digital marketing strategy. Are you taking advantage of this powerful tool? Our free guide will teach you easy-to-implement tactics you can use right away to drive clicks, conversions, and cash.

What’s inside:

  • 9 ways to build your marketable list
  • Subject line formulas to boost open rates
  • How to write compelling copy
  • The basics of testing and reporting
  • Proven strategies to engage subscribers

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Hiring Kit: How to Apply Lifecycle Marketing to Hiring

As a small business owner, you’re probably used to a one-man operation. But, when your business starts growing, it’s time to add more employees, too. This can be a challenge. How do you attract the right candidates and how to do you know you’re hiring the right person?

In this hiring kit, you’ll learn:

  • How to clearly define and attract the right candidate;
  • How to sell and inform them of the opportunity;
  • How to wow them;
  • How to retain good employees;
  • And more!

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Free Guide: How to Manage a Flash Sale

Quickly generate revenue for your business

What’s inside this guide?

Hurting for cash? A flash sale can help you generate it – and this free guide will show you exactly how with simple, step-by-step instructions. What’s inside:

  • 3 steps to creating a flash sale
  • Easy, copy-and-paste email templates
  • How to avoid spam complaints and opt-outs
  • The key to driving clicks and sales.

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Marketing to Millennials

A field guide for the small business professional

Millennials are key to your strategy

Millennials don’t fall for traditional marketing tactics. With almost 30% of the world’s population defined as “millennial,” that’s bad news for businesses that aren’t up to speed on millennial buying behaviors. Ben Snedeker, an Infusionsoft content master, has done all the research for you and put together a free guide, Marketing to Millennials. It’s full of tips specific to small business. You’ll get answers to questions like:

  • What do millennials care about when making purchases?
  • Should I market to millennials online or offline?
  • Does a handlebar mustache make you a millennial? (Really.)

[button color=”e.g. orange, green, turquoise, azure, blue, purple, pink, red, brown, dark-gray, light-gray” size=”large” open_in_new_window=”yes” link=”http://infusionsoft.force.com/analytics?PartnerId=001j000000YC1de&AffiliateCode=a41928&CampaignId=701j0000001mlwy&TrackingLinkId=a1Bf1000003XZmd&Link_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7uaLink_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7uaLink_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7ua” ]Download[/button]


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Maximize Your Email Deliverability

Your customers receive an average of 200-plus emails per day. How do you ensure that yours gets opened (and read)? Stop wasting your precious time and money by applying the pro tips in this e-book. Download now to learn:

  • Why 80 percent of emails go undelivered (and what to do about it)
  • How to avoid having your email marked as spam
  • Tips to keep a clean email list for better engagement
  • Which tools will get you the best inbox placement

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Referential Treatment: How to Ask for Referrals that Help Grow Your Business

More than any other type of advertising, we universally trust the opinions of friends and acquaintances. Eighty-four percent of people surveyed in 58 different countries by Nielsen said they trust recommendations from people they know. We even trust people we don’t know, with 68 percent of respondents reporting confidence in online reviews.

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In this e-book, you’ll learn:

  • Why referred customers are so valuable for your business—and why you shouldn’t ask every customer for a referral
  • How marketing automation software, like Infusionsoft, can help you ask for referrals consistently and strategically
  • Incentives that encourage customers to refer
  • How to make the most of online reviews
  • Stories of small businesses that used referrals to grow their business

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Free guide: In the Pipeline

Keep, convert, and close more leads in less time 

You can build a more efficient and powerful sales machine with automation. This guide will teach you how to create a sales process that saves you time and personalizes the buyer experience.

What’s inside:

  • The 5 problems solved by sales automation
  • What to do at each stage of the sales process
  • How one real-world business grew 4x with automation
  • Anatomy of a 7-step sales pipeline (that you can copy)

Learn how to build an effective sales process powered by automation – so you can follow the same basic steps for every sale, while customizing every message to every lead.

[button color=”e.g. orange, green, turquoise, azure, blue, purple, pink, red, brown, dark-gray, light-gray” size=”large” open_in_new_window=”yes” link=”http://infusionsoft.force.com/analytics?PartnerId=001j000000YC1de&AffiliateCode=a41928&CampaignId=701j0000001mlwy&TrackingLinkId=a1Bj0000003OFbR&Link_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7uaLink_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7uaLink_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7ua” ]Download[/button]


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Score Like a Rock Star

If you’re like many small business owners we’ve worked with, you have leads, but you’re having trouble making sure you’re spending your time and resources on the ones most ready to buy. Nothing is more frustrating than wasting energy on cold leads.

Part of the problem is that your marketing efforts may not be bringing the best leads to you and your team. It’s a common problem. Lead scoring is a feature of marketing automation and customer relationship management (CRM) software that enables you to have a more complete view of how your customers are interacting with you.

Download this e-book and you’ll discover:

  • The basics of lead scoring
  • How to get to know your target customer
  • How to map your sales process
  • How to know when a lead is ready to buy
  • And more…

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SEO Basics

A Guide to SEO Best Practices for Small Business

Resident SEO expert Ryan Eland brings you a guide on SEO best practices for small business. In this e-book, you’ll gain a high level overview of the primary things you need to focus on in order to have success in the search engines, as well as:

  • Keyword identification and placement
  • Content writing best practices
  • Proper metadata usage
  • Page load speed and SEO
  • URL structure
  • Proper image optimization
  • Mobile SEO

The Importance of SEO

SEO is difficult, but worth it. No other practice gives us such direct insight into what people want and are searching for. This means that search traffic consistently ranks up there with email for the highest converting web traffic. SEO is simply the process of positioning your answer—hopefully the best answer—on the first page of a search engine, so that people click to your website and find what they need.

[button color=”e.g. orange, green, turquoise, azure, blue, purple, pink, red, brown, dark-gray, light-gray” size=”large” open_in_new_window=”yes” link=”https://learn.infusionsoft.com/resources/guides/seo-basics-for-small-business?AffiliateCode=a41928&CampaignId=701j0000001mlwy&Link_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7ua&ls=icc_general-icc_isebook~seo-basics-for-small-business-owners~2015-12-01__&PartnerId=001j000000YC1de&TrackingLinkId=a1Bj0000002J30VEAS&utm_campaign=isebook~E-book%3A-SEO-Basics-for-Small-Busines~2016-01-28__&utm_content=&utm_medium=icc&utm_source=generalLink_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7uaLink_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7ua” ]Download[/button]


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The Small Business Guide to Capturing More Leads

Discover how to collect and convert potential customers with an irresistible lead magnet.

 Need more leads? Practically every business does.

In this free guide, we show you how to capture more leads so that you can grow your business. Inside you’ll get access to:

  • The why, what, who, how, and everything in between of lead magnets
  • A 13-step process to choose the perfect lead magnet
  • 19 types of lead magnets you can create today

[button color=”e.g. orange, green, turquoise, azure, blue, purple, pink, red, brown, dark-gray, light-gray” size=”large” open_in_new_window=”yes” link=”http://infusionsoft.force.com/analytics?PartnerId=001j000000YC1de&AffiliateCode=a41928&CampaignId=701j0000001mlwy&TrackingLinkId=a1Bj0000003OFbg&Link_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7uaLink_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7uaLink_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7ua” ]Download[/button]


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Repeating History: Small Business Strategies for Earning Repeat Sales and Customer Loyalty

Attracting and acquiring new customers is an essential and never-ending pursuit for all businesses. But there’s also another way to grow sales that can be more effective—and cost-effective: Sell to the customers you already have.

Existing customers are your best prospects. Whether they realize it or not, they’ve already bought into the idea of your business, making them more receptive to your next sales and marketing messages. That’s why the probability of selling to them is 60 to 70 percent, compared with 5 to 20 percent for a new prospect, according to the book Marketing Metrics. And the more customers buy from you, the more likely they are to recommend your company to others—which can result in even more business.

In this e-book, you’ll learn:

  • Why retaining customers can be even more important than acquiring them
  • Methods of generating repeat business and inspiring customer loyalty
  • How marketing automation software, like Infusionsoft, can help you grow repeat sales and retain customers
  • Strategies used by small business owners to keep customers coming back for more

[button color=”e.g. orange, green, turquoise, azure, blue, purple, pink, red, brown, dark-gray, light-gray” size=”large” open_in_new_window=”yes” link=”http://infusionsoft.force.com/analytics?PartnerId=001j000000YC1de&AffiliateCode=a41928&CampaignId=701j0000001mlwy&TrackingLinkId=a1Bj0000002K88p&Link_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7uaLink_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7uaLink_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7ua” ]Download[/button]


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Take Your CRM Contact List to the Next Level with Segmentation

 A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in marketing. What appeals to a Wall Street trader in Manhattan may not work for a juice bar owner in Los Angeles. That is where segmentation comes in.

List segmentation is the act of intelligently subdividing your contact list into any number of smaller lists. You can parse out your contacts by demographics, industry, interactions with your content, and more. Segmentation helps you target, and most importantly, personalize your message to your leads and customers.

In this e-book, you’ll learn:

  • What list segmentation is
  • How to use segmentation for your business
  • How to measure what’s important to you
  • And more

[button color=”e.g. orange, green, turquoise, azure, blue, purple, pink, red, brown, dark-gray, light-gray” size=”large” open_in_new_window=”yes” link=”http://infusionsoft.force.com/analytics?PartnerId=001j000000YC1de&AffiliateCode=a41928&CampaignId=701j0000001mlwy&TrackingLinkId=a1Bj0000002K88z&Link_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7uaLink_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7uaLink_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7ua” ]Download[/button]


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The Art of Social Media Advertising

Putting your ad campaign in front of the wrong people in the wrong channel is the best way to quickly drain your marketing budget. To advertise effectively, you’ll need to know your target market, their mindset, where they hang out, and what problems they need solved. Advertising with social media is an art and having the right strategy in place will help you paint the picture that you want others to see.

In this e-book, you’ll:

  • Identify and find your target market
  • Define your advertising objectives
  • Prepare your offer
  • Select the right advertising channel
  • Draft a starting budget

[button color=”e.g. orange, green, turquoise, azure, blue, purple, pink, red, brown, dark-gray, light-gray” size=”large” open_in_new_window=”yes” link=”http://infusionsoft.force.com/analytics?PartnerId=001j000000YC1de&AffiliateCode=a41928&CampaignId=701j0000001mlwy&TrackingLinkId=a1Bj0000002J30L&Link_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7uaLink_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7uaLink_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7ua” ]Download[/button]


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The Small Business Guide to Generating Leads with Facebook Live

Essential know-how you need to succeed, all in one convenient placeList segmentation is the act of intelligently subdividing your contact list into any number of smaller lists.

In this guide, you will find everything you need to take advantage of the Facebook Live marketing trend:

  • Simple 7-step setup checklist with screen shots
  • 10 most popular Facebook Live videos of 2016
  • 14 ideas to choose your topic and increase viewers
  • Follow-up tips to keep the conversation going
  • Bonus: 4 insider tips from a team that’s done it before

[button color=”e.g. orange, green, turquoise, azure, blue, purple, pink, red, brown, dark-gray, light-gray” size=”large” open_in_new_window=”yes” link=”http://infusionsoft.force.com/analytics?PartnerId=001j000000YC1de&AffiliateCode=a41928&CampaignId=701j0000001mlwy&TrackingLinkId=a1Bf1000003XZfQ&Link_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7uaLink_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7uaLink_Posted_By__c=005j000000DN7ua” ]Download[/button]


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The Small Business Guide to Writing Copy that Converts

Great copy makes money

No doubt, when you sit down for a one-to-one conversation with a prospect, you can explain yourself clearly, build a great relationship, and there’s even a good chance you come away with a sale. But for some reason, many of us can’t translate that genius to your marketing copy.

On one hand, the thing that makes a person a great writer is a mystery. Some people have the gift; we can safely admit that. However, it doesn’t mean that you either have it or you don’t. Anyone can invest a little time and energy into upping their copywriting game and bring their writing from ho-hum to juicy, fan-winning copy that converts.

In this e-book, you’ll learn:

  • Why it is important to put out great copy
  • How to find your voice
  • Simple mistakes to avoid
  • And more!

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The Small Business Office Automation Guide

Save time and money by automating administrative work

In the not-so-distant past, offices had rooms filled with files and staff members dedicated to organizing them. Employees entered customer information into systems or spreadsheets, one word at a time. They spent much of their days typing e-mail replies, calling customers about appointments, and chasing paperwork to be completed. Plenty of offices still operate this way.

The manual work may partially explain why entrepreneurs say they spend 68 percent of their time managing daily tasks in their business instead of working on their business strategy and goals, according to a survey from The Alternative Board, a membership organization for business owners. But at the most successful small businesses, employees don’t do these tasks—not manually, anyway.

Instead, they automate the office, relying on software like Infusionsoft to manage routine communication, data entry, documents, hiring, and more. When repetitive, tedious tasks are automated, employees have more time to focus on strategy and personal interactions: the kind of work best done by people, not software.

In this e-book, you’ll learn how to automate:

  • Routine communication
  • Administrative tasks like data entry, billing, and paperwork
  • Appointment scheduling and follow up
  • Employee hiring and training

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Infusionsoft is the all-in-one sales and marketing automation system for small businesses. We can help you get better results from Infusionsoft.Please enter your contact information below and we will contact you soon.

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