Where Should You Focus Your Social Media Marketing Efforts?

Chris Ripley blog

You don’t take a 5½-hour flight just for the heck of it, you take it with hopes of something good at the end. From what I’ve seen so far at Social Media Marketing World 2014, it was definitely worth the trip. This two-day event features more than sixty speakers on many topics in the world of social media marketing.

The event kicked off this morning with the keynote from Michael Stelzner, the creator of Social Media Marketing World discussing where you should focus your social media marketing efforts for the next year. His presentation was built around the annual social media industry report that Stelzner has produced for the last six years.

Some highlights of the presentation included:

  1. Visual content is still important. Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter creating compelling visual content gets more attention.
  2. Google+ tops marketers list as the “next” hot social media tool. As Facebook continues to change their algorithm and fewer posts are showing up in fans’ news feeds Google+ represents an opportunity for businesses to distribute content and be sure it gets to the right market.
  3. Blogging continues to be the best way to increase your online presence. While we are all just “renting” space from the landlord on social media site like Facebook and YouTube, we own our blogs and have control over who views our content.
  4. Podcasting is a huge opportunity. There are so many listeners and so few content creators. Where else can you get 40 minutes of attention from a prospect?
  5. Facebook ads are working. As I mentioned previously, your working with “rented” space on Facebook. So if you want more people to see your Facebook content you’re going to have to pay. There are more than 1 billion tenants on Facebook. If you can make Facebook advertising work for you, it’s worth it.
  6. Social Media marketing ROI still remains a mystery. While it’s tough to determine your return on investment for social media, there is plenty of evidence that social media drives traffic and sales in many businesses.

This was the first session of the event. Stay tuned , I’ll be adding more content to my blog over the next couple of days.