Energize Your Email Marketing

Email Marketing

8 Tips to Increase Your Email Opt-ins

True since the beginning of marketing time, maintaining and cultivating a customer and prospect list is the surest way to long term growth in your business, large or small.

Knowing this, there are a variety of things we can do in order to improve the likelihood of gathering opt-ins. Let’s look at just 8 of the numerous ways you can energize your email opt-in box.

8 Tips for a crowded email opt-in box!

  1. Give them a great reason to sign up – There must be a reason for most people to subscribe to your lists, and these days it takes a bribe of some kind, typically something of particular value to them. That can be in the form of a free report, video or some other useful, targeted content.
  2. Ask for only name and email – The more fields you make them fill out, the lower your opt-in rate. Testing proves this.
  3. Include a testimonial near your form – Having someone vouch for you next to your request for their email is a simple way to provide social proof and boost opt-ins.
  4. Test compelling copy for your button – Don’t put up with a bland “Subscribe” text on your button. Test other, more colorful content to discover the best wording.
  5. Use pop-ups – Like them or not, they do work. Try to keep the popups as innocuous as possible, preferably only showing up when they’ve been on the site for a while or are leaving.
  6. Use a concise call to action – Don’t be shy about requesting their info in return for your valuable gift. Both of you can win here, but only if you ask!
  7. Tell them what to do – Don’t presume people know what to do! Let them know exactly what to do in order to get what you’ve promised.
  8. Use attractive images – Always use attractive imagery in your email opt-in boxes. They don’t have to be only textual. A cool image of what you’re giving them can go a long way!