Don’t Make These Mistakes in Your Video Marketing!

Video Marketing

While it’s true that using video marketing for your small business can be very beneficial, what lots of people who tout this fail to mention is that there are several ways you can shoot yourself in the foot with video. We thought we would share our take on a piece on Sitepoint about some of the many mistakes you can make with your video marketing campaigns. Here are a few of our favorites!

Our 5 favorite video marketing blunders

  1. Don’t oversell – If you’re searching for a sure-fire way to have visitors running from your pages, be sure and deliver a hard hitting, hype-filled sales pitch. You almost certainly can’t stand this yourself, why inflict this on your prospective customers? Instead demonstrate to them the benefits, what’s in it for them, and get them receptive to your message first, and then present the deal.
  2. Don’t undersell – The flip side of overselling is just as bad. Don’t be so mindful of not offending that you never ask for the sale at all. Include several calls to action, and be sure you ask for the action you’re after, whether it’s a click, sale, or opt-in.
  3. Don’t be boring – The cardinal sin of entertainment, and video falls into this category even if you’re selling rocks, is to be boring. Present a mind-numbing video, even if it’s a couple of minutes long, and they won’t watch or stay, and they certainly won’t return for more! Try to think about what might excite your viewer about this subject, rather than just your perspective as the merchant.
  4. Not being specific – Be sure you understand who your target audience is, and what are their needs and concerns, and then address them. Be as focused as possible on those needs or wants, and see the views go up!
  5. Avoid information overload – Attempt not to convey so much information in your video that it clouds the specific message you’re making. If you have to make several videos to get this done, do it. Keep your messages on point, and thus avoid any confusion.