Daily Deal Web sites are Hot

Daily deals hot

You don’t have to think back more than a couple of months to remember when Groupon, the leading daily deal site, turned down $6 billion dollars from Google. Today Google is testing their own daily deal site.

I case you don’t know much about daily deal sites, let me tell you about them. These “daily deal” site offer their members substantial savings on all kinds of products and services. For example, today Groupon is offering a coupon for half-price admission to the Annapolis Seafood Festival. For $14 you get two general admission tickets, normally it would be $28 for these two tickets. Groupon collects all of the money and give the seafood festival half and they keep half for promoting the event and making it all happen. At noon they have sold 187 of these deals.

The seafood festival wins because they sell some tickets and get incremental revenue they wouldn’t have received, they have more people at their event, often from places they may not have ever marketed to, and they can capture the contact information from these people and invite them back for many years to come. If half like the event and come back the next year at full price that’s huge win. Even 25%…

Another example is a deal that ran in Los Angeles offered $20 for $40 Worth of Food and Drinks at The Melting Pot. The deal sold 5000 vouchers at $20 for gross revenue of $100,000. The $50,000 cash shot for the restaurant was well timed. With good margins and well-trained waiters, the Melting Pot can still make good money on this deal.

There’s no question the economy has made saving money chic again. We see Extreme Couponing on television. Groupon turns down $6 billion. Grocery store coupon use is way up.

But many local merchants in smaller communities have missed the chance to ride this daily deal extravaganza. Wait no more. Southern Maryland Daily Deals (SOMDDailyDeals.com) can now offer your daily deal to over 5,000 local consumers via Email, Facebook, Twitter, and mobile phone.

These are target consumers who have expressed their interest in receiving great deals and free stuff from local merchants. They know great deals and they respond.

So if you want to get new customers fast check out SOMDDailyDeals.com.