How to Come Up with Social Media Posts that Get Clicks

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Want More Clicks From Your Social Media? See These 3 Tips

It’s hard enough to make sure you are fitting enough time into your day to make your social media efforts happen. It’s a real tragedy if all of that effort is wasted!

So after all your effort to ensure that you’re posting regularly to your special mix of social media channels, whatever that is for your business, you find that these posts are not producing what you hoped for, namely clicks to whatever it is you want to send them to, you’re ready to pull out your hair and chuck the whole social media initiative into the trash can.

So now what, should you junk it all? Absolutely not, instead use the following 3 tips to goose your social media audience into clicking on your links and heading where you want them to go!

3 Tips to get more clicks from your social media posts

Ask for the click and share – First and foremost, the easiest way to get more clicks from your social media posts is to simply ask for them. Carefully compose your calls to action so that there’s no question what you want and need them to do. This goes for sharing, too. Subconsciously, if you make the suggestions they’ll be a lot more likely to act upon it.

Include imagery – We are a visual bunch, loving our videos and pictures. Make sure to feature compelling images and videos in your posts for the best results possible. In some cases, even the promise of a video will do the trick, by having a static video image that clicks through to your video, wherever it is you want that to be.

Make it a no brainer – What’s in it for me? You should make the decision to click a real no-brainer. Offer such value or need to learn information on the other side that your readers literally can’t help but click your links. If you are offering a bribe, make it a great one, valuable and in context with your ultimate goals. Don’t be afraid to stir the pot, either. Controversy sells, and in this case, you need to sell that click. Be truthful and watch your click through rates soar.