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3 Ways Small Businesses can Turn Clientele into Marketing Tools A quick online search will show that small businesses have numerous tactics they can use for consumer marketing. What you will not see on several of these lists, though, would be the fact current clients can be one of your best marketing tools. Statistics show…

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3 Ideas That Equate to an Amazing Online Product Launch In reality, every organization has customers who are likely to buy whatever new product they release. By taking pre-orders, you are using this in your favor. A great advantage to this is that exhilaration will come up even before the launch, and that excitement is…

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Get Your Branding on Point with these Instagram Hints Of course, the FedEx tactic won’t work for everyone. If you find or photograph creative images with some link to your business or its industry, however, these images have a good shot of getting noticed and telling your brand’s story. Get Inventive with Images At its…

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