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How Smaller Businesses Are Benefiting from Facebook Live Video has quickly become a dominant marketing strategy in the digital world. In truth, video posts on Facebook achieve a 135 percent better organic reach than typical image posts. This information alone shows just how crucial the new Facebook Live tool can be for marketing purposes. The…

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Local Businesses Must Erase These Marketing Blunders Before 2017 You have likely been told by an organization that you were not eligible for a certain discount. Why? Probably because you are actually a customer. While it is alright to provide special offers for new prospects, you can’t simply ignore your current clients. Even when making…

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3 Reasons Small Businesses Should Ignore Pokémon Go While Pokémon Go is all the craze now, there is no assurance that it will stay this way. It seems that the next huge thing changes on a weekly basis. The popularity of everything, including best-selling mobile games, can die out just as quickly as it occurred.…

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