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How Boring Industries Can Make Exciting Content Local writing and humor won’t always get the job done in industries that are especially technical and boring. This fact can be overcome through breaking down whatever content has been made. Get innovative with headers, bullet points, images and short paragraphs. These tactics create digestible content, so consumers…

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Negan was watching Rick’s group so closely that they were able to forecast exactly where the group would run and surround them in an instant. Vendors need to do this with their competition as well. Keep an eye on what they are posting on Twitter and what new offers they are promoting or marketing. If…

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How Corporations Benefit from the Twitter Character Upgrade In the field of local business marketing, social media is a fairly recent tactic. In a small amount of time, however, it has proven itself to be quite effective. And while many businesses have created Facebook accounts, businesses have been sluggish to adopt Twitter. Now that the…

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