Build a Killer Marketing Plan for your Business in 2015

marketing plan

What’s in your Marketing Plan for 2015?

If you haven’t already devised your 2015 marketing plan, don’t despair, there is still time, but the earlier you get on this, the more effective it will be for your business this current year.

Having a clear and specific roadmap of where you’re going and how you want to get there is paramount to your short and longer term success.

But what should you include in your plan for marketing in 2015? What specific items or campaigns stand out as things that will drive your business to where you want it to go, and not merely stand pat. Let’s have a look at 5 things you’ll want to consider when crating your 2015 marketing plan.

5 Ideas to perhaps include in your 2015 marketing plan

A content marketing campaign – Content is still the order of the day, and producing new and fresh content should be an important part in your plan. Of course this can take several forms, and doesn’t need to be only webpages or blog posts, though those are great. Repurposing your existing textual content for other uses is a great way to leverage your efforts easily.

Get into video if you haven’t already – And if you have, get further involved! This is a visual Web, and people would rather watch than read, sad to say. You need to give them what they want, so make sure video and visual content plays a significant part in your 2015 plan.

Check out your SEO – If you are not getting the organic search rankings you are after, it could be time to either do some SEO yourself, (if you are able) or hire it out to someone who does know how. This can pay dividends for some time moving forward.

Find other sources of traffic – Make it your business to evaluate other forms of web traffic, and start using them. Simply putting all your eggs into the Google basket has never been wise, and considering that there are so many great traffic sources available, the time is now. Perhaps it’s time to finally get into paid traffic as well this year.

Adding any new products this year? – If you are planning to add another product, or several, this year, make sure you account for this in your 2015 plan, as it certainly will need some time and money as well.