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What the Ice Bucket Challenge Teaches Us About Social Media Marketing People engaging in the Ice Bucket Challenge had the choice between dousing themselves or donating to the cause. Though those doing the challenge, per the rules, did not have to give money, their participation produced huge attention that led to many donations. This works…

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SEO Strategies That Will Evolve in 2016 Images can still get targeted traffic to a website, and this remains true even though they are not as vital as they once were. Uploading images is really important for SEO purposes, and you are going to do far better if you use unique images. Hundreds of sites…

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What Can We Learn About Marketing From Steve Jobs? Follow the Right People In this world, there are leaders and there are followers. Even leaders, though, still follow others. Because Jobs wished to gain knowledge from the people he was around, he chose mentors wisely. This included Regis McKenna, who helped Apple out of the…

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