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Why Small Companies Must Prioritize Mobile Marketing In the past, commerce was relegated to face-to-face, in person shopping. Once the internet became popular, however, commerce hit the World Wide Web. Now, however, people are spending large numbers of money via their mobile devices. In fact, one study found that 24.4 percent of e-commerce profit will…

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The Analytics Goof ups that Can Kill Your Marketing Data analytics has swiftly emerged as an excellent tool for any marketing strategy. A recent study, in fact, showed that 83 percent of business owners felt data analytics improved their profit margins. This is why upwards of 47 million websites have been estimated to use Google…

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Applying Local Marketing to get Found Online Consumers do not have to search across the entire world wide web to find a business. Local directories now allow them to find businesses in a particular market and compare them by location, reviews and many other pieces of vital information. This is why all businesses should get…

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