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3 Social Media Marketing Fallacies that Could Damage Your Company Scheduling tools are ideal for businesses on social media. However, they are not enough. You need to sign on to respond to and connect with people engaged on the page. It is also best to post certain content, such as industry-related breaking news, when it’s…

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Holding a contest where the prize is a weekend getaway, free airline flight or brand new iPad will naturally get plenty of engagement. Unfortunately, much of it won’t be the engagement you want. This is because these prizes will attract anyone instead of just those who might actually purchase your product. Offer gift certificates for…

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Why Marketers Should Not Give Up on Google New content on your site is eventually indexed by Google, but it generally takes some time. When you share content on Google+, though, the site immediately indexes it so that their large huge user base has access immediately. Everyone Has One Okay, not everyone has a Google…

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