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We’re doing something a little radical with this new seminar. People who come to the seminar will leave with a Web-ready 60 second video to promote their business. This alone would cost you hundreds, if not thousands. What a deal! If you can’t decide if you should come or not check out this article on…

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Interesting survey info from Yelp newsletter today: Most Business Owners Agree: Yellow Books are Irrelevant LGTC “Internet directories have led to a dramatic decrease in the number of business owners and consumers who use phone books.” Last week, we presented a survey to gauge how business owners feel about yellow page phone books in the…

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The PEW Internet and American Life Project has come out with a new study about internet use based on household income that includes some data on how these segments use search. There’s also interesting stuff here about how income correlates to likelihood to rate and review products, pay for online content, book travel, and access…

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