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The great 19th Century Irish playwright and humorist Oscar Wilde uttered these last words: “Either this wallpaper goes, or I do.” Why some enterprising wallpaper company hasn’t used this is beyond me, nonetheless it does go to demonstrate the point that humor sells. Humor essentially disarms people, often by getting them to view your point…

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Where Should Email Rank in Your Marketing Mix? The bottom line in regards to our marketing efforts is how well they convert, that is, succeed in getting us the decisions we desire, whether that is opt-ins to a mailing list, direct sales, click or other responses. Over the years, email marketing has been a staple…

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Having a terrific email marketing application to use is an important part of your online business marketing. Some of the things you’ll need in a service include one that will deliver your emails promptly and consistently, but in addition has the tools required for you to properly analyze your efforts. You also have to have…

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