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Using Social Proof to Help Generate More Sales There’s something elemental in the impact that others have over the sales process. People want to know that they are not alone in liking or purchasing a product or service, and will crave the opinion of complete strangers in order to help give them enough courage to…

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Check Out These 7 Effective Ways to get Backlinks to Your Site Try as we may want to, abandoning link building to our pages doesn’t look like it’s going the way of the dinosaur. Google still utilizes incoming backlinks as a signal that your page is worthy and popular, although it has become a lot…

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Check Out These 5 Tips to Remember When Designing your Responsive Site Surely by now everyone who is in the business of creating website presence on the internet has at least heard the term responsive design. The fact is responsive design in a must these days if you want your site to show up well…

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