Optimize Your Outdated Content for Higher Search Rankings

Being a content creator can feel like the Indy 500. The gas pedal is on the floor, but it’s just left turn after left turn. And every time you lift your head and look around, you’re on the same oval track, unable to punch through the pack of cars keeping pace around you. In the…

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7 Tips for Pivoting your Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

You had a marketing plan all set to go for Q2. Maybe it was focused on summer fun, like travel and sports. Then March hit, and the whole thing had to be thrown out the window. Where do you go from here? This pandemic won’t go away overnight, letting us all pick up where we…

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11 Ways to Use Text Messaging to Make More Sales

Of course, you want to gain new leads to grow your business. When prospective customers engage with your business– whether it’s through your website, social media, or in person at a shop or trade show– ask them to provide you with their number to receive special offers or important info.

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