6 Tips To Getting More Engagement With Your Content

Engagement With Your Content

Gaining steam on social media is undeniably an uphill battle these days. You have to contend with algorithms that make it nearly impossible to get discovered until you achieve a certain level of visibility. Nevermind the fact that social media overwhelmingly prefers silly or opinionated content—two things that really don’t gel with the average business’s…

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Why You Need To Incorporate A Social Messaging Strategy Into Business

Incorporate A Social Messaging Strategy

The stats on social messaging – and consumer expectations regarding businesses using messaging to communicate with them – paint a very clear picture: You need to have a social messaging strategy in your sales and customer service processes! Take a look at the numbers: By the end of 2018, it was reported that 78% of…

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Facebook Is Changing How You’ll Manage Ad Campaigns Soon…Here’s What You Need To Know

Campaign Budget Optimization

Facebook has announced that as of September, a relatively new and controversial feature on their advertising platform called Campaign Budget Optimization will become the mandatory default. Not the optional setting that it is now. You can expect that starting in September when you create your new campaigns, they will use Campaign Budget Optimization as the…

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