The Analytics Mistakes that Local Businesses Must Avoid

The Analytics Mistakes that Local Businesses Must Avoid

Analytics have provided business owners and marketers alike with a powerful tool for effective promotion. Like any tool in this world, however, it doesn’t amount to much if not properly utilized. Because of this, local business owners need to dodge certain marketing analytics mistakes, and these are three of the most damaging to be avoided.

Thinking Correlation Equates to Causation

Many people don’t know it, but violent crime goes up as ice cream sales increase. This is a correlation, but as it turns out, ice cream sales and violent crime both go up during hotter months. Just because two things happen concurrently doesn’t mean they’re necessarily linked.

A spike in traffic could be related to a local celebrity sharing an article rather than the new promotion that started yesterday. Entrepreneurs must tread carefully in the causation arena.

Mistaking Time on Page for Engagement

While it’s true that people spending more time on a page is often a good thing, this isn’t always the case. If someone is on the homepage and can’t find a particular link they’re looking for, for instance, then their long visit is likely a negative one.

This means business owners should have their marketing manager do a little investigating if people are spending lots of time on certain pages. This will help respond to customer needs, and since nearly half of marketers use analytics to improve responsiveness, this is in no way a novel idea.

Mistakes with GATC Formatting

Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC) must be inserted on pages to provide accurate analytics. Unfortunately, simply having a capital letter rather than a lower-case one on these codes can mess things up. This is why many business owners utilize a devoted marketing manager to handle these far-too-often overly technical tasks.

Analytics can do great things for a company, but this is only the case if they’re properly utilized. Luckily, avoiding analytics mistakes, like the ones mentioned above, is half the battle.