7 Ways You May Be Sinking your Own Traffic and Conversions

7 Ways You May Be Sinking your Own Traffic and Conversions

Learn 7 Ways We Can Hurt our Own Traffic and Conversions

Do you have what you feel is a good offer or lead magnet that is floundering, and you’re not sure why? Oftentimes marketers set up wonderful funnels and marketing materials that ought to work well, but for whatever reason don’t.

Often we’ve inadvertently set up ourselves for failure by failing to take care of matters entirely unrelated to what we may assume is the problem.

Let’s take a look at 7 ways you may be killing your own traffic and conversions without even being aware of it.

7 Ways to Sabotage your Traffic And Conversions

Site Duplicate Pages – First understand that Google hates duplicate content. They will penalize your pages and possibly your entire site if this is found in abundance. The main culprit is identical body content found on multiple pages, even if they have different URLs and title tags. Strive to create original unique content for each page you want to index.

Slow Page Loads – If your pages load slowly, you can count on your visitors leaving there there as quickly as possible, You have but a scant few seconds, (some studies show less than 4!) to grab their attention and interest them. If you page won’t load in that time, sayonara!

Not Mobile-Friendly – If your pages are not mobile ready you deserve to not have any traffic or conversions. More than half of all Web traffic in 2015 is originating from a mobile device. What, you don’t want those people?

Poor On-Page SEO – Having poorly-optimized on-page SEO, including title tags, meta descriptions, image optimization, H1-H5 tag and more will cause Google to rank your pages below all those who have this together.

No Social Media Aspect – Social media signals on your page are widely believed to be a Google ranking factor, and even if they’re not, it’s a good idea to allow your pages to be shared as far and wide as possible.

Poor Keyword Usage – Not optimizing your pages with one primary keyword and a bunch of secondary, (LSI) keywords is a prime reason why Google may not be able to properly index and send traffic to your pages.

Too Many Hoops to Jump Through – Finally, if you have forms you expect people to fill out in order to generate a conversion, whether it be a mere opt-in or a sale, asking them to give you too much information is a conversion killer. Request only what you absolutely need, and no more!