7 Steps to Improve Local SEO

Local SEO

Improving the quality of your local SEO doesn’t have to be an insurmountable hurdle you’ll never overcome. The truth is, a few simple tasks can be carried out which will get you on the right track, at least until the next Google algorithm change!

Here is a laundry list of 7 ways for you to make your local SEO better, and see that pay off in better search results and more visitors!

7 Tips to improve your local SEO!

Local keywords – Ensuring that you are targeting the right keywords for your local area is vital to showing up in front of the audience you seek. This will require that you spend quality time in keyword research, in addition to using competitive intelligence and common sense in identifying your best choices.

NAP data – Make sure your name, address and phone numbers, as well as all other identifying data is consistent across all your various web and social platforms. This is key to keeping a good Google rank.

Local directories – Make sure you claim any listings you find on local directories, regardless of whether you actually created them or not. Take the time to optimize them to line up with all the rest of yours.

Use Google+ Local pages – Make the most of the Google+ local page, and you’ll discover this is a very good way to engage with people, post content, and respond to reviews and questions in a social way.

Acquire reviews – Getting reviews about your products and services is vital to your local rankings. The social proof alone, combined with the citations (links) to your site are invaluable.

Get mobilized – Your customers are on the go, and since 95 percent of smartphone users have used their phone to locate local information, you’d be smart to get in on that while the gettin’s good. At least make sure you have a mobile site that is accessible on all platforms.

Don’t neglect your social media profiles – Take a moment to update your social media profiles to mirror the same information you want displayed for all of your other listings. People do discover you on these, and they are also listed in search quite often!