7 Easy Ways to Get Backlinks to Your Site in 2015

7 Easy Ways to Get Links to Your Site in 2015

Check Out These 7 Effective Ways to get Backlinks to Your Site

Try as we may want to, abandoning link building to our pages doesn’t look like it’s going the way of the dinosaur. Google still utilizes incoming backlinks as a signal that your page is worthy and popular, although it has become a lot better in recent years at ferreting out attempts to game the system.

To help get you going, we’ve listed 7 easy ways to get quality links to your web pages. You now just have to do it!

7 Suggestions to get quality backlinks to your pages

Press releases – Many are running scared of press releases these days, and if you are doing these just to score an anchor text link, you might well be. Use them for what they are meant for: real news, naked links, and wide distribution.

Relevant business directories – This is essential if you have a local business, but works well for any site. Don’t blanket the Web with directory listings; but choose the best and use carefully thought-out entries.

Get into image sites – You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that sites like Pinterest and Instagram can drive huge traffic, and what’s more, convert very well! Using these sites as part of your cross-promotion is the ticket here.

Guest posts – Still a viable tactic if you are willing to take the time to not only write killer content, but place it on relevant, authoritative sites that get a lot of traffic.

Social media – The highest and best use of social media for your business is to help you promote your other content. Extending your reach through the fans and followers of others is a smart way to get the word out.

Infographics – Quality infographics are hot at the moment, and more and more places are springing up to place them, in addition to plain old social media!

YouTube Videos – YouTube is owned by Google, (you knew that) and tends to receive favor from them in many ways, not the least of which is rankings in Google’s search results. Enough said!