5 Google Analytics Reports to Keep a Watchful Eye On

5 google analytics reports to keep a watchful eye on

Google Analytics is an incredible tool, with a wealth of information at your fingertips. In fact, there is so much there that when you’re first starting out, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed at the scope of it, and not be able to make much use of this fantastic resource.

But everyone has to start somewhere, so in order to keep things simple, we’ve knocked it down to 5 reports within analytics you’ll want to watch. This is workable, and will give you a glimpse into seeing just how powerful this tool can be for you.

5 Analytics reports to keep an eye on

Search queries – This is one of the easiest ways to use Analytics keyword data, You need to have your Google Webmaster account connected to your GA account to make this work, but you need to do that anyway. Once done, this report provides you with the keywords you are ranking for, how many impressions they’re getting, number of clicks, and your click-through rate.

Mobile device use – If your site is not optimized well for mobile, and Google has provided us plenty of warning about an April 21st, 2015 algorithm change that will hurt sites that aren’t; this report shows you which pages are doing well with mobile.

Referral data – This report shows you which sites are sending you referral traffic. This is good to know, for if that traffic slows in the future you may want to look into why this is so.

Session data – This has to do with the amount of time a visitor spends on your site. This is important data to be aware of, as the length of time a visitor is actively engaged on your site has a big impact on your page performance in the search rankings.

Raw page views and exits – This is how many times your pages are viewed. Closely related is the pages where visitors exit the site from: you want to know this and investigate why.

Keeping a watchful eye on these basics can help keep you informed as to how well your pages are doing, and go a long way toward helping you better optimize your business.