5 Choices for an E-Commerce Solution


5 Choices for an E-Commerce Solution

How many of us come out of the womb knowing how to put together and implement an e-Commerce system? I thought so. But really, choosing and setting up an e-Commerce solution for your small business doesn’t need to be such a complicated endeavor. All it takes is finding the right system, and we’re going to look at several of those right here, right now.

When comparing solutions make sure you keep your own needs front of mind, as it is very easy to opt for a solution that is entirely more than you really need. That said, let’s check out 5 e-Commerce solutions that are suitable for startups.

5 Awesome E-Commerce Solutions

Volusion – A great solution for startups as it is extremely affordable, starting off at $15 per with no transaction fees and a free 14-day trial period. Volusion provides a website builder, hosting and a shopping cart. They have a number of SEO features built into the platform, as well as professional templates and 24/7 support.

Square Market – This choice will provide you with a way to get your storefront up in minutes, with a wealth of features including personalized store logo and images, flexible promotional codes, adjustable tax rates, size and color options, social media links, online marketing tools, mobile-ready storefronts and more. There’s also no monthly fees, and merchants are charged 2.75% per sale.

Shopify – Starting at $14 a month with no transaction fees, Shopify is another choice on the entry level. One nice addition from them is Shopify Mobile (Shopify’s own mobile credit card reader) and Shopify POS (Shopify’s iPad point-of-sale system) which let you be making sales on the road or wherever you happen to be.

WooCommerce – For the WordPress users among us, and there are many, WooCommerce is the top choice. Seamless integration into your existing WordPress install, and the additional advantages of the numerous plugins WordPress has to offer.

BigCommerce – One of the initial and now serving the mid-level market and over 55,000 websites, BigCommerce has many more features, but can also be a tad more complex. Primarily designed for mid to high volume businesses. Prices start at $29.95 with a 1.5% transaction fee.