3 Tweaks for Local Businesses to Improve Email Marketing

3 Tweaks for Local Businesses to Improve Email Marketing

Although more local businesses are coming around to the fact, there are still many that don’t realize how effective email marketing can be. In fact, 73 percent of Millennials prefer email over other forms of marketing communications, and since they’re currently the largest age cohort in America, it’s a pretty big deal. For businesses whose email marketing is less than stellar, these three tweaks can change the game.

1. Segment Email Marketing Lists

While bees and wasps may seem similar, they’re not attracted to the same thing. This holds true for consumers as well. Businesses that send the same marketing message to everyone on their list will achieve some results, but they’d do much better by segmenting their lists and sending targeted messages. Lists can be segmented by age, gender, previous purchases and a variety of other factors.

2. Alter Timing of Email Messages

Marketing managers have access to tools that show them promotional email open rates, click-throughs and a variety of other analytics. This means they can see if emails are proving more effective during certain times of the day. While a business owner may think they know best when it comes to sending out their messages, paying attention to the analytics and responding appropriately is the right way to go.

3. Toss in a Call to Action

Most local business owners recognize the importance of a call to action on their blogs and certain pages on their website. Many fail to realize, however, that this is also true of email marketing messages. Even if the message is meant to share news, provide business updates or just wish a customer a happy birthday, there should be a strong call to action somewhere in the message. This ensures a chance for a sale is never wasted.

While email marketing was around long before most digital promotion techniques, it has not lost its appeal or effectiveness. If an email strategy seems to be failing, it may just require a few tweaks to get it back on track.