3 Offline Marketing Tactics Local Businesses Should Avoid

3 Offline Marketing Tactics Local Businesses Should Avoid

There’s no doubt that marketing is an essential aspect to any company’s success, and while we do live in a digital world, offline marketing is still important. From guerilla tactics to attending trade shows, these non-digital methods can really pay off. Of course, there’s a right and wrong way to do everything, so business owners should never engage in these terrible offline marketing strategies.

Cold Calling from Noisy Offices

Cold calls annoy most people, but it is an effective offline strategy for certain industries. In fact, for some companies, it’s the only offline marketing tactic they use. Because of this, cold calling shouldn’t be overlooked entirely, but if it’s done in a noisy environment, that’s when things go south.

Consumers who speak on cold calls are doing businesses a favor. If they hear loud voices from 20 other representatives doing the same thing in the background, they’re likely to get annoyed and hang up.

Using Offline Tactics to Force Feed Online Marketing

Handing out business cards, flyers, and even action-dependent coupons is a great offline marketing technique that can lead to online success. In many cases, though, business owners take advantage when they receive an email from an interested party.

Keep in mind that an inquiry email isn’t an invitation to add someone to a mailing list. This can make people sour on a company quickly, and it shows how an offline technique can quickly equate to online failure.

The Everyday Sale

Numerous businesses across America have banners out front saying “One Day Sale,” “Going Out of Business Sale” or “Today Only! 25% Off!” In many cases, these time-dependent promotions are exactly what they say they are.

In other situations, though, they’re just attractive banners store owners leave up to draw business. While this may be great at bringing in a few tourists or city newcomers, local customers will quickly realize what’s going on and potentially become annoyed.

It’s important that local businesses use a variety of marketing tactics. This doesn’t mean, however, that every strategy should be utilized. There are winners and losers, and the aforementioned far too often turn out to be losers.