3 Areas Your Company Is Dropping the Ball on Content Marketing

3 Areas Your Company Is Dropping the Ball on Content Marketing

3 Content Marketing Problems You Are Probably Making Right Now

Content marketing might have started out as just a novel idea, but its success has skyrocketed it to mainstream commercial use. In fact, 76 percent of organizations using this strategy said they planned on increasing content production between 2015 and 2016. This goes to show that more budding entrepreneurs are recognizing the importance of content marketing, but if you are still making these common mistakes, all your work could be for naught.

Always Advertising the Product

One of the main errors companies make with social media is constantly promoting their product. Unfortunately, businesses make this identical mistake in their content marketing. It is okay to talk about the greatness of what you are selling every so often, but it can’t be a nonstop activity. People are looking for true value when they read your content. They want to learn something, and if this is not what happens, the content will fail to appeal to them. Generate useful content related to your industry and go easy on the direct promotion.

Failing to Consider Search Engine Marketing

If you have built up a strong and loyal social media following, you may think they are enough to get eyes on your content. This is especially the case if you create great content that is shareable. To be honest, though, this simply is not sufficient. You have to focus on optimizing your content for search engine listings also. After all, you want more than just your social media following to see the posts. By emphasizing optimization, you can increase direct traffic to every page on your site.

Failing to Optimize Content Marketing

Even though more companies are utilizing content marketing, it does not mean they are prioritizing it. Nearly 30 percent of businesses say they have not made creating more engaging content a top priority. Content marketing isn’t a part-time job. You must continuously put out great content, or your followers and potential customers will find it elsewhere.

Content marketing will not fade away like some trendy promotional tool. It is here for the long term. And if you want your business to reach your goals, you will need to focus on making content a priority and giving people the value they demand.

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