The Worst Promotional Items and their Replacements

The Worst Promotional Items and their Replacements

Replacing Horrible Promotional Items with Something Better

There has been a huge push towards online and digital marketing over the past few years, but this does not always mean that traditional offline marketing is dead. In fact, local businesses still heavily implement offline techniques since they do not really need a national audience. Among the most utilized advertising tools are promotional gifts, but there are just some hardly worth the effort.

The ’80s Called, They Really Want Their Fanny Packs

While it may be hard for most people to grasp, fanny packs remain a thing. Sure these “belly bags” can be useful in a variety of predicaments, but people just usually are not wearing them nowadays. As an alternative, go for drawstring bags. They provide more room, serve the same promotional objective, and don’t make people look like they are in a video with Rick Astley.

Update the Promotional Pen

There are several advantages to supplying promtional branded pens as a “freebie” to customers. If this was not the case, 50 percent of folks would not have received one during the year. The fact is, though, the world is now more digital and pens are simply just used less.

To combat this, start furnishing promotional pens with a stylus on the end. Even if people are using pens less, the writing utensil will come in handy from time to time. And since everyone enjoys having a stylus for their mobile device, it will be your pen they use.

It Is Raining Ponchos… Make it Stop

A poncho could seem like a excellent promotional product that genuinely helps people out. Although this is true, the fact remains that people will still be getting half their bodies drenched and only pondering a local business once it starts raining. Instead, get promotional umbrellas. They can be more pricey, but they last longer than ponchos. This makes a promotional umbrella a long term marketing investment.

Promotional gifts will invariably possess a place in advertising and marketing. Just be sure you are not using antiquated products in a modern world.

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