Why You Absolutely Need a Content Marketing Calendar

Why You Absolutely Need a Content Marketing Calendar

Learn How to Create Your Company’s Content Marketing Calendar

One of the hallmarks of companies that rock content marketing is that they have a content marketing plan accompanied by a content marketing calendar. These days content marketing has developed into a many-headed hydra, all of which require attention and care.

Keeping tabs on all the many venues where you publish, monitoring production, holding people accountable, and certainly not least, being able to execute a coherent strategy makes proceeding without a content marketing calendar downright foolhardy. So let’s take a peek at how you can create a workable content marketing calendar and strategy.

Who should do this?

Even if you are a large company with several departments using the calendar, you’ll want to have a person dedicated to ensuring the overall plan is advancing, and people are held accountable. This presupposes that you have a single content marketing calendar. We believe this is best as even though there may be different people or teams working on different aspects of content creation, it is vital that there is a common vision and goals at play here. Having more than one calendar is asking for it, and really hinders efforts at promotion. Resist the calls for independence here.

The reasons for this are numerous. Primarily though, you want to be able to execute an overall strategy, and to have it segmented across several calendars is amazingly counter-productive, as some departments drop the ball and others thrive, accountability and promotion will be the casualties here.

What form should the content marketing calendar take?

Often the simplest solution is best, and for those just starting, or even for the more experienced hands, a simple spreadsheet is usually sufficient for the task. Obviously you will want to customize it for your company’s particulars, but this is easily done. Not only that, there are many that have gone before you in this endeavor, and a simple Google Image search will give you plenty of examples to look at.

Software like Basecamp, Teamwork and others provide useful platforms for running projects, and can help you keep track of complicated campaigns easily. There is a cost and learning curve associated with this, however.

Usually a simple solution is best, and we would encourage this to start. Upgrading to more sophisticated systems can always happen down the road if needed.