Whose Fault Is It When Your Sales & Marketing Efforts Don’t Work?

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“When In Command…Take Charge!”

Norman Schwartzkopf


Whose Fault Is It When Your Sales & Marketing Efforts Don’t Work?

I Say It’s The Owner’s Fault.

Take This Test To See If You Need To Take Charge.

Chris RipleyI constantly talk about systematizing your marketing functions. But for some companies, this is a tough concept to embrace…even after they’ve attended a workshop or worked with us in a consulting relationship. Usually the failure to coordinate a systematic, consistent marketing effort stems from a leader who won’t lead…but is always reacting to marketing situations. If you are the owner or head marketer of your company, take this quick test to see if you need to step up and take charge.

Six Signs That You Need To Take Charge!

1. Cramming, Shortcuts, & Band Aids: Do you put off marketing until business gets really slow…then try to cram your sales funnel full of prospects overnight? Marketing is like farming; you must consistently cultivate prospects and harvest the ones that are ready – but not until they are ready. Don’t wait until autumn and plant, water, and harvest within a week’s time.

2. No Consistency: Does your marketing message reflect whatever you happen to think of on a given day? Or does it consistently reinforce a central theme that, over time, solidifies your selling advantages in your prospects’ minds? All of your efforts…from your business cards to your advertising to your sales pitches should communicate the same consistent message.

3. Spending More Time Inventing Than Executing: Eventually, you have to shut up and execute. I’ve seen a perfectly good sales letter revised nine times over the course of four weeks…before it was ever sent out to a single prospect. Don’t detail everything to death before you even start. Test concepts then tweak them based on results.

4. Leaving Crucial Decisions To Individual Employees: You must standardize the way your employees handle certain sales situations. Let’s say your business uses the yellow pages to generate leads. If you leave it up to the person taking the calls to decide what to say when a prospect calls, I can guarantee that you are losing business…and it’s your fault! You must insist that your employees systematically handle certain situations the same way every time (the perfect way you have pre-determined) as a condition of their employment.

5. Leaving Advertising Decisions To Ad Salespeople: Realize two things about ad salespeople: 1) they couldn’t sell their way out of a paper bag and 2) they are utterly uninterested in your results. Why would you let someone who can’t even sell your product to one person try to sell it to everyone (through ads)? As a business owner, you have to have the guts and the confidence to tell the ad salespeople exactly how you want your ads to appear. If you leave the decisions to the salesperson, then you can be sure that your ad will be boring, non-specific, non-appealing, non-compelling, and unbelievable.

6. Always Doing The Same Thing…Even If It Doesn’t Work: I talk to business owners all the time who run the same ads over and over in the same publications even though they don’t produce any results. Usually they say that they like for their name to be out in front of the public. If this describes you, realize there are tons of ways to make your advertising make money in the short run. Take charge and innovate your marketing.

If any one of the six scenarios describes your business, then you’ve got some work to do. The most important thing for you to realize is you are in charge – success depends upon you. Create a marketing plan that systematizes everyday functions so you don’t have to keep making the same decisions over and over again. To find out how to put a sales and marketing system into place for your business, attend an upcoming seminar. For schedules and registration information, go to www.Strategic-Marketing-Group.com.