Using Local Marketing to Attract Tourists and Visitors

Using Local Marketing to Attract Tourists and Visitors

Half of all consumers who conduct local searches on their smartphones visit a store within 24 hours. This is a well-known statistic that shows how important local marketing is in attracting community members. As it turns out, though, this type of promotion is also essential for bringing in visitors and tourists. That’s why these local marketing tips for tourists will always help a business.

Location-Based Targeting

Local marketing is all about location, but location-based targeting takes it a step further. Most people carry smartphones at all times, and this gives local businesses a chance to market based on a person’s geographic location. If someone walks within a mile of a certain store and does a quick online search, for instance, that store can have a paid ad show up. This is a quick way to make an offer just to get a traveler through the front door.

Create Useful Local Guides

When travelers or tourists come through a town, they often search for things like “best restaurants”, “auto parts”, “gas stations”, and “entertainment”. While websites like Yelp will often pop up first, they often aren’t very informative. Local businesses can get ranked on these keywords by writing useful local guides on their blogs, even if they’re not within the same industry. Travelers will appreciate a company that always provides the exact information they’re looking for.

Influence Locals to Review Company

Online reviews are one of the most trusted forms of content on the net. Therefore, local business owners should offer incentives to their customers – especially loyal clients – to leave online reviews. Asking for testimonials on Yelp and Facebook is ideal, because many travelers and tourists will look to these sites for reviews first. Just a little customer incentive goes a long way.

Local marketing to attract travelers might be more focused that typical local marketing, but it uses many of the same techniques. Companies in cities that get plenty of tourist and pass-through traffic would do well to utilize these strategies.