How the Twitter Character Update Makes Your Life Easier

How the Twitter Character Update Makes Your Life Easier

How Corporations Benefit from the Twitter Character Upgrade

In the field of local business marketing, social media is a fairly recent tactic. In a small amount of time, however, it has proven itself to be quite effective. And while many businesses have created Facebook accounts, businesses have been sluggish to adopt Twitter. Now that the social platform has provided updates to their traditional 140-character limit, though, not making use of the site seems silly. Every single organization on the site will now see rewards thanks to the update.

Far more Room to Work With

One issue many corporations have had with Twitter is the fact that any media goes against their 140-characters. This meant sharing a gif, video or image limited what message could be delivered. Fortunately, this challenge is long gone.

In its latest update, Twitter allows posters to tweet media without it detracting from their characters. This means businesses can send out their full message, along with accompanying media, to every one follower.

Reply to Consumers Without Losing Space

Whenever a consumer sends out a tweet to a small business, that business has always had the ability to reply directly. Sadly, the original user’s Twitter handle went towards the 140-character limit. With over 313 million active monthly users, you can easily imagine that some of these user names can take up a large portion of allotted characters. Since Twitter handles no longer count towards these replies, though, corporations have more room to provide excellent service.

Additional Eyes on Tweets

Whenever corporations would direct a tweet at a specific user by tagging them, only that user would generally see the tweet. In fact, other users would need to be following both accounts to see the message. This is not the case anymore. Small business owners can now send tweets directed at specific users and ensure their entire group of followers gets the message.

Twitter’s updates give organizations a new edge in their social media marketing. While a few additional characters may appear menial to those outside of the marketing world, those extra words can add up to a lot in a world of 140-characters.

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