Manage your Businesses Local Listings

Local Business Listings

One critical yet sometimes unappetizing part of running a local business is managing your local listings. The hours involved are probably not exactly what you had in mind, nevertheless, making sure your listings are not only correct but aiding your business are many times the difference between local success or failure. Creating a Content Marketing…

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How to Create a Content Marketing Plan that Rocks!

Content Marketing Plan

Creating a Content Marketing Plan is a Necessary First Step! You’ve heard it a million times, but the truth is, content is still very much King. Google loves to rank new fresh substantive content, and most businesses fail at least partially due to a serious lack of content. It doesn’t matter if you sell the…

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7 Copywriting Tips to Put Your Content Above the Rest

Copywriting tips

See How to Make Your Copy Work Harder for You Copy makes the Web go round, and great copy will take you from seldom read and acted upon to rock star status in terms of traffic and sales. This truism, along with the fact that Google prizes and rewards terrific content that readers share will…

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