Why Mobile Marketing Matters Now More Than Ever

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It’s High Time to Throw Mobile Marketing into the Mix We’ve likely all heard the now-famous stat that over 75 percent of us admit to taking the smartphone into the bathroom with us. I suspect that is a low number. Mobile has thoroughly wormed its way into the very fabric of our lives, to the…

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Why Your Small Business Needs Mobile Marketing

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4 Reasons You Need to Make Mobile Marketing a Part of the Plan Here’s a somewhat scary statistic: people are now checking their mobile phones around 150 times a day on average. Is that a bigger or smaller number than you might’ve thought? So what that boils down to for marketers is opportunity, and for…

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Mobile Ads — Are They for You?

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Mobile is the new frontier of advertising, with a monstrous 27.8 billion more search queries than desktop searches by 2015. Pew Research tells us that that 74% of smartphone owners use their phone to get real-time location-based information, such as directions, that is acted upon usually within an hour. With estimates of 27.8 billion more…

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