How to Successfully Integrate Online and Offline Marketing

How to Successfully Integrate Online and Offline Marketing

Combining Your Online and Offline Marketing

Online promotion is an essential part of successful marketing. With around 81 percent of consumers doing online research before making large purchases, it is obvious how important online promotion is. You should never ignore offline marketing, though, because if you combine the two, online and offline marketing can really benefit your company.

Make Offline Events, Promote Them Online

Creating and hosting an event is a quick way to get new customers in the door. Whether you are offering a free class or simply hosting a networking event for local professionals, the additional name recognition will certainly pay off.

You should do more promotion, though, than simple flyers, newspaper ads or bulletin board postings. Use Facebook to make an “Event Page,” announce the event on all of your social media, utilize blogs to let people know how to prepare and even drop a few dollars on promoting the event via social media.

Take Word-of-Mouth to the Online Realm

Many businesses get tons of promotion from word-of-mouth marketing, but why wait for the word to spread organically? Instead, snag video of a patron speaking with one of your best employees. Since you have the camera out anyway, take a moment to interview a happy customer or simply take a photo of them enjoying your product. Happy consumers are a powerful tool both on and offline.

Use Calls to Action Offline to Drive Traffic Online

Calls to action are usually associated with online videos and blogs. In reality, these calls work with offline traditional marketing too. From TV commercials to billboards, tell people to visit your social media pages or website. Of course, a little bit of incentive in these calls goes a long way, but it is worth it to gain new customers.

No marketing campaign proves successful with only one strategy. Because of this, you need to utilize marketing both on and offline to garner success.