How to Start A Successful Customer Loyalty Program in 2017

How to Start Successful Customer Loyalty Programs in 2017

Attracting new customers is essential for any business, but getting them to stick around is the real measure of success. Both online and offline marketing strategies can accomplish this for local business owners, but one of the most powerful tools at their disposal is a customer loyalty program. These programs provide incentives to keep people coming back, so here are three customer loyalty tips for 2017 that can equate to success.

1. Offer Incentives for Loyalty Programs

It’s not often that people will sign up for email lists or loyalty programs for nothing. Even if they follow a company on Facebook – which is a good indicator since frequent users of Facebook are 1.25 times more likely to exhibit brand loyalty – this doesn’t mean they’ll turn over their information freely.

This is why business owners should offer incentives, such as a free birthday meal, discount or free sample, for people to sign up for their loyalty program. A simple “Get Your Tenth Sandwich Free” on a punch card is enough to increase loyalty – even if it doesn’t garner an email address.

2. Offer Automatic Payment Programs

One of the best loyalty programs out there is the simple act of setting up automatic payments. This ensures that a client is loyal even if it slips their mind. Again, though, this will typically require motivation. One of the most utilized incentives in this area is a 5-10 percent discount.

3. Consistent Promotion of the Program

An appealing loyalty program means absolutely nothing if people don’t know about it. Train staff members to offer the program and its incentives at every opportunity. And for those who remember the fact that brand loyalists use Facebook often, it becomes obvious that promoting the program on the social media platform is essential.

Having 100 new customers in a single day might look good on that week’s books, but it amounts to very little if none of them ever come back. So, while effective promotions to attract new patrons are important, local business owners should also be focusing on the customer loyalty programs that will keep them coming back.