Small Business Trends to Prepare You For 2017

Small Business Trends to Prepare You For 2017

Small business owners must always stay up to date with current styles if they hope to be a success. The inability to do so can leave them falling behind their competitors and technology in general. Luckily, many of these styles are not hard to jump onto if you know them. The following are the 2016 small business trends you might have missed but must be on top of before 2017.

Mobile Apps Are Smashing Through

Huge corporations have long been on the app bandwagon. Local businesses, however, have been hesitant about making the leap. Seeing that many business owners felt they had little to offer in the way of an app, this was hardly surprising. New studies, though, have shown that half of small business owners will have their own app by 2017. While this still doesn’t mean an app is important for your company, it may be time to start brainstorming ideas.

EMV Payments Becoming the Standard

EMV payments have been the talk of every industry since 2015. You have likely seen these types of payments with terminals that require cards with chips to be inserted. While only 25 percent of debit cards were furnished with this chip by February 2016, this number will continue to rise. By 2017, shoppers will consider EMV the industry standard, and they will feel as if stores who don’t accept these payments are putting their financial information at stake. Implement this adaptation and then use it as a marketing point.

Generation Y Emerges on the Scene

For years, businesses have focused on Millennials due to the huge boost in the demographic. Those individuals, though, are no longer the youngest group you must cater to. Individuals in Generation Y are currently entering their 20s, so business people must begin to focus on this cohort. Not altering marketing to bring in these new adults could hurt your business in 2017.

Changes are not easy in the business world, but if your company has any hope of surviving, they have to take place. By keeping up with emerging trends, particularly those that will affect 2017, you can stay on the forefront of advertising.

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