Marketing Lessons Learned From Watching Football

Marketing Lessons Learned From Watching Football

Marketing Lessons Watching Football Has Taught Us

A football team will fail in the game if every single player is not doing their job. When marketing, this is valid as well. Sure email and social media marketing are very important, but they cannot succeed alone. Several advertising platforms must be employed if success is to be attained.

Display the Human Side

The most popular football stars today are those who aren’t afraid to let their personalities shine through. From Peyton Manning’s down-home personality to Drew Brees’ seemingly bringing New Orleans out of a great depression following Katrina, fans really enjoy seeing a human side.

Marketers need to remember this. Putting a face to the company will create a better bond with shoppers. Making marketing videos featuring employees and interacting on Facebook can accomplish this.

Success Necessitates Teamwork

If any football player were to evaporate off the field, the entire team would suffer. This is the same with marketing platforms. Primarily engaging in social media, email or content marketing just isn’t enough. All of these tactics must be used as a “team” if a marketing plan is to be successful.

Not Everything Is Likely To Work Out

Football teams don’t walk into games anticipating a loss. Every play they make is part of a particular plan to “take home the gold” that day. We are all aware, however, it doesn’t always work out. In fact, even the best plays can be wrecked by menial errors.

This is true in the advertising world as well. Developing marketing plans that don’t pay off is part of managing a business. Just like in football, however, you have to get up, reevaluate the current course of action and change methods if necessary. One failed marketing plan does not always mean the game is over.

Marketing is one of the most significant aspects of running a business. And much like running a football play, it takes planning, hard work and a little luck. Remembering this can help a marketing and advertising strategy prove profitable.

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