How to Market Your Company at Local Events

How to Market Your Company at Local Events

Marketing Your Organization at Local Events

From signs to megaphones, there are plenty of ways to get people’s attention at an event, but social media should be in your repertoire. Twitter, for example, allows you to communicate right away, and since the site sees over 320 million users each month, there is little doubt that your fan base is there. Tweet out event happenings and share real-time photos with the Facebook fans. These live updates could be just what you need to get potential clients at your booth.

Find the proper Event

Just because there is a large event occurring soon does not always mean you have to attend it. While doing so would be optimal, it is essential to recognize that not all events are focused on all local businesses. How much good would a comic book store owner do, for example, if he set up a table at a local jazz festival? If that same owner lived in an area where a comic fan convention were occurring, though, they would have a fantastic spot to establish shop.

Create Your Very Own Events at Events

When you find the proper event to market your business at, you should immediately start developing your own event. Whether you advertise that there will be a contest at your booth or play simple games with cost-free prizes, the target is to get people serious about your event within an event. Market your own creation far in advance of the actual event, and people will make a point of going to your booth.

Keep Social Media Engaged Throughout

There was once a point when you would declare events at your booth with a sign, and while you can still do this, its also wise to get social media involved. Twitter is a great real-time communication tool, and with over 320 million monthly users, you can definitely reach your group of followers. Send out tweets as events happen and upload pictures of what is going on to your Facebook. Fans will see these live, and it may just drive them to your booth.

Local events are a prime opportunity to let others know what you are about. Don’t waste this opportunity by not being ready.

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