What Facebook Dark Posts can do for Your Business

What Facebook Dark Posts can do for Your Business

Businesses offer new products and services all the time, and Facebook allows them to seek feedback from their fans. Sometimes businesses need reviews from followers who meet selected criteria, and if this is the case, they may have to deal with droves of candidates just to find the right 10 or 20 needed. Dark posts allow budding entrepreneurs to target specific likes and dislikes, so they are more likely to find the right audience the first time around. There are very few methods that prove more streamlined in soliciting feedback.

Target Unique Audiences

Facebook dark posts do not show up on a page’s feed. Instead, they are only shown to a particular audience that the social media manager selects. While showing fewer people a post might seem counter intuitive, it actually makes sense when you consider the differing tastes of your audience.

A rock band influenced by Pantera and Aerosmith could draw in fans of both of those bands. Of course, an “If you like Pantera” ad wouldn’t do much for Aerosmith fans. So by using dark posts to target different audiences separately, an enterprise can appeal to each of their prospective customers on their own level.

Minimizes Clutter on Newsfeed

Since not everything will appeal to every customer, many will feel bombarded when a page they follow starts posting things they have no interest in. Dark posts make this preventable. Instead of tossing up something that will only appeal to some and potentially clutter others’ news feeds, content can be targeted to those who really care.

Solicit Feedback that Is Actually Helpful

If an agency is hoping to get feedback on a new product or service, they can reach out to their Facebook fans. Sadly, not every follower is right for the job, and this could result in a business owner having to sift through hundreds of candidates just to find 20 who fit the bill. With dark posts, a corporation can seek feedback from specific audiences by targeting keywords and interests. This makes for a powerful way to solicit feedback.

Many local business owners haven’t heard of Facebook dark posts, and this is hindering them from what they can do on the social media giant. Once they figure out how to effectively utilize the tool, though, there is little that cannot be done with it.

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