How to create an effective email marketing follow-up sequence

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How to create a follow-up email series for those who opt-in

Once you’ve managed to get the signup, your challenge is only partially won. Even though they’ve now given you permission to email them begs the question, what do I do now?! You develop an email follow-up series, that’s what! Of course, there’s something of an art to this as well.

What you don’t want to do is create one with the intent of sending an email every couple of days stuffed with offers and sales pitches. This is a surefire way to watch your list shrink right before your eyes, leaving you in constant replenishment mode. Instead do your best to provide value and excitement via your emails, and not just pitch fests. Let’s examine how you can make this happen.

Know your goals – Knowing beforehand what your aims are with regards to your email marketing follow-up helps make the task a lot easier. Whether you’re wanting to make sales, foster long-term relationships, or create a buzz around your brand, knowing what and how you would like to accomplish it is crucial.

Decide on a strategy – Each business will have a slightly unique plan here, and many of the elements that enter into this are trust, authority, and being a bit more likeable than the average emailer! We all crave entertainment!

Determine your email sequence – Map this out on a spreadsheet, noting each email in the sequence, and its purpose. You’ll need to decide how long the sequence needs to be, and there is no standard or perfect length. Some opt for only a dozen or so, while others may send 100. It’s really your choice. Also, consider having separate autoresponder series for people who have purchased, etc.

Write the emails – Now that you have your purpose mapped out, it’s time to get down to it. If you’re doing it yourself, do a bit of research into the psychology of selling via email, as this will make a difference. If you are outsourcing the writing, understanding this should help you know if what you’re getting will stand a chance of working!

Employ tracking and testing – Any email service provider worth their salt is going to have extensive tracking statistics available for you. Use these to tweak your emails as required to further improve your results.