Got a Negative Review? Here’s How to Turn That Into a Positive

online review

See How to Make a Negative Review a Positive It happens to the best of businesses. Every so often a customer will post a negative review that is going to influence prospective customers about your business, products or service. It simply can’t be helped. What can be helped is the way you respond to an…

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Daily Tasks You Need to Do to Enhance Your Online Reputation

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Daily Tasks You Need to Do to Enhance Your Online Reputation It’s very difficult to build a great online reputation and all too easy to have it disappear instantly with a handful of negative reviews or mentions in social media. Simply because of the nature of Google, in that it is all about having the…

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Use Google Analytics to Get Actionable Intel for Your Small Business

Google Analytics

Many of us understand that using Google Analytics to understand how our marketing efforts are doing can be a key to unleashing future success. However many people are overwhelmed by the incredible immensity of the data facing them. You should begin by answering the right questions: what are my goals, and what do I need…

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