Does Your Business Need to Bother with Twitter?


How to Know If Twitter is Right for Your Business

The question of whether or not Twitter is a worthwhile use of marketing energy and budget has been around for as long as the platform has. It looks like people have had a tough time wrapping their heads around how a micro-content platform such as this can drive traffic, sales, and authority. Taking even longer to adopt has been the small business community, as it looked like only a marvelous way to while away a day, and for no tangible return. Let’s have a look at why Twitter is indeed a lot more than a giant time suck, and can in fact do a lot more for your marketing than you might imagine.

See these 7 ways Twitter can help your small business!

  1. Use your Twitter profile to help brand your business – Your Twitter profile is an excellent place to show off your company in the very best light, with appropriate links to your pages.
  2. Find the influencers in your market – One of your goals should be to connect with as many of the primary influencers in your market as possible. This won’t happen overnight, and some won’t answer you, but be persistent and eventually you’ll connect. This can have huge benefits down the road.
  3. Post images and videos – It’s been shown that images and videos are delivering three to four more times more clicks on Twitter.
  4. Use Promoted Tweets – You can directly target your audience with Promoted Tweets. Your ads should offer great value, be transparent, and not run endlessly.
  5. Engage your followers – This should go without saying, but take the opportunity here to engage and give value.
  6. Retweet and employ hashtags – You’ll want to retweet relevant and important content you discover, as this will help establish your connection with authority. Same with hashtags, only don’t overdo this one.
  7. Establish yourself before promoting – While it can be incredibly tempting, resist the impulse to promote yourself with each tweet. Get into the habit of giving 80 percent, and promoting 20 percent. You’ll reap a benefit if you do!