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How Corporations Benefit from the Twitter Character Upgrade In the field of local business marketing, social media is a fairly recent tactic. In a small amount of time, however, it has proven itself to be quite effective. And while many businesses have created Facebook accounts, businesses have been sluggish to adopt Twitter. Now that the…

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Getting Far better Marketing Success by Using Youtube Local businesses must utilize a variety of marketing tools if they expect to be successful. These include online and offline tools, but online tools such as Youtube are currently the most popular. Of course, some companies find it difficult to use the site in any effective way.…

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Using Social Media to Improve Customer Service Social media will undoubtedly continue to create new ‘help desk’ tools for businesses and customers, but some already provide such tools. By going to your Customer Support page on Twitter, you can make an icon on your page showing people that support is available by simply enabling customer…

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