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Trade shows present a great chance for networking, but at their core, these gatherings are meant for businesses to market their products or services. In fact, trade shows generated a full $12.6 billion in revenue during 2015 alone. This statistic proves that trade show marketing is valuable, but this is only the case if local…

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Customer loyalty is a tricky thing to come by. In fact, one study showed that nearly 80 percent of consumers would jump ship within a week of a single negative customer service experience. This obviously makes customer service important, but gaining loyalty requires much more. Fortunately, business owners can use the following customer loyalty tips…

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Doomsday preppers, typically just referred to as “preppers,” are people who actively prepare for a catastrophic collapse of society. It could be by building bunkers or learning outdoor skills, and these people aren’t a rare breed. The show “Doomsday Preppers,” in fact, drew 4 million viewers for its premiere. With this currently being so popular,…

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