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You don’t take a 5½-hour flight just for the heck of it, you take it with hopes of something good at the end. From what I’ve seen so far at Social Media Marketing World 2014, it was definitely worth the trip. This two-day event features more than sixty speakers on many topics in the world…

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These days every other person you encounter will let you know that link building as a means to enhance your search ranking is dead. Not so fast, as stated by Google’s own Liege of link building Matt Cutts states: “Links are still the best way that we’ve found to discover (how relevant or important somebody…

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One of the recent updates Google endowed us with over the last couple of years included what became known as the over-optimization penalty. This one is aimed at Webmasters who try to stuff their pages with keywords in the hopes of raising them in the search engine results. Many of us were encouraged to have…

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