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Get Your Branding on Point with these Instagram Hints Of course, the FedEx tactic won’t work for everyone. If you find or photograph creative images with some link to your business or its industry, however, these images have a good shot of getting noticed and telling your brand’s story. Get Inventive with Images At its…

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3 Facebook Live Tips for Local Business Owners One of the most utilized Facebook Live approaches for businesses is broadcasting from live events. Everyone from former wrestler Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts to the popular contest Tough Mudder has done this. Of course, this means you need to have your business involved in local events. There…

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3 Direct Mail Marketing Faults Local Business Owners Must Evade You obviously want to get people’s eyes on your goods and services when sending out marketing materials. This does not mean, though, that failing to provide a compelling offer is acceptable. Maybe you are having a big sale, offering a price reduction for new clients…

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