“Anyone Can Use Online Video to Market their Company”

online video marketing

We’re doing something a little radical with this new seminar. People who come to the seminar will leave with a Web-ready 60 second video to promote their business. This alone would cost you hundreds, if not thousands. What a deal!

If you can’t decide if you should come or not check out this article on our last seminar – http://www.somdnews.com/stories/02252011/indybus150122_32371.shtml

Seminar June 24th, 2011 – Hilton Garden Inn – 10am-1pm

Today YouTube is the number two place people search online after Google. Viral videos have made people millionaires and helped make them network stars. As a business owner, all you want to do is sell a few more widgets or put a few more people in seats in your restaurant. With more than 500 million regular viewers on YouTube and 63% of the people going online to find local products or services, when people find you on YouTube there is a much better chance they will do business with you.

It used to be you would pay thousands of dollars or more to produce high quality video for your business. Today almost anyone can create, edit, and distribute video for about $200 in audio/video equipment and a computer. At this seminar we will take you through things step-by-step including:

1. The equipment to use (for less than $200)
2. How to set-up your YouTube channel (never thought you’d be like Oprah and have your own channel)
3. The right video strategies (how to get people to respond to your offer)
4. Three easy ways to create content (how do I…?)
5. The five basic rules of video production (you’ve got to follow the rules)
6. Basic editing (anyone can do it!)
7. Optimizing your video for search engines (this is where the work is)
8. Publishing your video, and marketing your video (this is where the money is!!!)

Businesses that could use video marketing include builders, real estate agents, plumbers, accountants, restaurants, even attorneys and MANY more (my point is virtually any business can use video marketing, as long as they aren’t located under a rock).

Everyone who attends the seminar will leave with a one minute video to use on their Web site to market their business.