Ad Blockers Hurting Your Reach? Try These Solutions

Ad Blockers Hurting Your Reach? Try These Solutions

Ad Blockers Are Not the End of Your Online Ads

Small businesses benefit greatly from using online ads. Even if a company’s search engine optimization game is not great, an online ad can ensure a targeted audience takes notice. Unfortunately, this strategy’s effectiveness could reduce since ad blocker use increased 48% in America over the course of only one year. As it turns out, though, there are ways to still utilize online ads.

Hold Off On Huge Marketing Strategy Shifts

Since the use of ad blockers has been on the rise, some marketers are opting to just stop purchasing online ads. This could prove a little over-reactive. While the use of ad blockers has obviously rose, the fact remains that most consumers still are not using it.

As it turns out, this giant increase is also happening mostly in the mobile spectrum. So if your customers are mostly served your ads via desktop, your ad strategy may not be affected at all. Avoid making changes unless your numbers have suddenly dropped dramatically.

Work on Simpler Ads

It is not the simple online ads that people are bothered by. The ads that pop up, flash or engage in otherwise annoying techniques, though, are what get people to install ad blockers.

Once consumers install these blockers, though, all ads are potentially affected. Luckily, there is a “white list” of companies that ad blockers do not target. Larger corporations pay for inclusion on these lists, but by simply focusing on simple ads, your company could get listed without spending a dime.

Utilize Remarketing Strategies

Remarketing campaigns serve up ads to individuals who have previously sought out or visited your company website. In the end, this means only individuals who have previously expressed interest see your ads. So even if your reach is reduced thanks to ad blockers, the people who do see your ads will be more highly targeted.

Ad blocking technology is undoubtedly here to stay. Make sure you do everything you can to prepare for this new reality.