5 Tips for Implementing Responsive Design in Your Business

5 Tips for Implementing Responsive Design in Your Business

Check Out These 5 Tips to Remember When Designing your Responsive Site

Surely by now everyone who is in the business of creating website presence on the internet has at least heard the term responsive design. The fact is responsive design in a must these days if you want your site to show up well in all manner of mediums, particularly mobile. This is good, as more than half of all Web traffic is now at least originating on a mobile device of some kind, it’s high time to make sure that your pages are rendering well.

That said, let’s look at 5 tips you’ll want to make sure you address when implementing responsive design.

5 Important tips for Responsive Design

Consider design first – This may seem to not require mentioning, but a lot of expensive design hours are squandered when a clear vision is not articulated up front. Check out many designs, and be specific on what you’d like for your design from the beginning.

Visual content – Images and videos should be carefully considered when deploying them in your responsive design. First, having too many causes your pages to load slowly which results in bounces, lost visitors and revenue. Not what we want, right? Be sure you size everything consistently and properly for small devices, and test them out once done for distortion and load times.

Keep your textual content brief – No one wants to read tons of text on a small screen, so don’t make them! Tailor your mobile content to hit the high points, and perhaps even summarize. A link leading to a more complete version of the content on your main site is not out of the question either.

Test calls to action and button sizes – On smaller screens, the size and visual impact of a call to action and accompanying button come in to play. You don’t want them to miss it, or worse, have the button so small that it’s challenging to actually click. Not good. Test religiously.

Aim for a clean design – Leave out anything you absolutely don’t need, Mobile searchers are known for even less patience than the average Web surfer, and if your page is loading slowly as a result of unnecessary elements, you lose!